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Week Deux!

Hey everyone! All of the ones I love!
So it is week two now, and I feel like it has gone by pretty fast. The teachers and older missionaries all speak of a similar phenomenon where the days go by so slowly here, but the weeks go by so fast. It’s pretty true. I was so very ready for this P-Day, though. It comes at the exact time when you feel like you need a little break from all of everything that goes on here.
I love learning so much. I need to be a lot more diligent than I am, though, I feel. They have very great ways in order to help learn the language (that word looks misspelled) here, and it really helps to take the stress off of what you need to learn in the language. Because you want to learn every single word in the language, but that broad of a scale only overwhelms you and discourages you. My companion and my’s French is going pretty well. We both have pretty authentic French accents (others have said), and we’ve memorized a few things. It’s really fun to speak French. I just wish I knew so much more all of the time.
Oh!! And I forgot to say that, whenever we went to the French Consulate last week, we got a sneak peek at our itenerary for the upcoming April 1st will be! We leave out of Salt Lake at 11 on the 1st, fly into Chicago, then to London, then get into Lyon  at 11 their time (which is six hours ahead). But yeah, my whole district (the group of six companionships that are all going to Lyon) is very much looking forward to going to France and getting to know and love the people there.
It’s a very spiritual place here, which is pretty amazing. I feel lifted up by the Spirit so much more than I have at any other place. Sunday, we watched a wonderful talk by David A Bednar about focusing outward like the Savior did. He made it a point to outline that the character of Christ is: whenever we would naturally focus inward with self pity or selfishness for certain situations, the Savior would focus outward to lifting up those around him. It gave me a lot of strength and motivation that I specifically needed in that moment.
I should make it a point to write down more of what happened during the week so that I can have more cool stories and things for you all. I’ll work on that.
Soeur Witt is awesome, though. We are very much alike, and she helps me so much. Oh! And our whole district is wanting to try out to sing here at the MTC. I think it’s a process that not many people get very far in. Our Elders are great at singing Disney songs and High School Musical.. It’s pretty interesting that almost everyone in our district knows and loves every single Disney song ever made. I didn’t know that High School Musical was so great, haha. No, I will probably not ever be converted to loving High School Musical. It’s fun to laugh at them, though.
But our district works pretty diligently as a whole. It’s going to be really cool (cooler than cool, of course) to see how much the work in Lyon progresses when we all get there. There is just this huge wave of energy that I can feel coming, and it’s awesome.
We have two teachers that come for three-hour blocks during the days to come and help us learn what we need to learn. Soeur Scott is one of our teachers, and she served in the Geneva, Switzerland mission before it combined with the Toulouse, France mission, fusing into the Lyon Mission. She really cares for us a lot, and we all love her. Of course, her French is amazing, and we’re always learning so much with her. The other teacher is Frere Glenn. We all call him Pierre-Yves because we taught him before we knew he was going to be our teacher. He doesn’t look like a Glenn. He served his mission in Montreal, Canada. And, even though he only spoke French for the last quarter or so of his mission, his French is really amazing.
I really would like to hear from all of you! I will write you letters, just because there only is 30 minutes to use the email. You can also use Dearelder.com, though. It’s a pretty great resource to have for missionaries that are in the MTC.
We only have 3 full weeks left!! Crazy! There is still so much to learn, it feels. Heavenly Father will definitely help us out, though, which is a great gift. I love you all from the deep depths of my heart! (I’m trying to refrain from saying guys, just to get it out of my vocabulary. Weak vocabulary is lame.) I can’t wait to hear from you!!
Soeur Melissa Smith

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