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Week 5!

Hey! Everyone!

It’s an early email again! I actually had this nice written writing of what I was going to say in this email, but I forgot it, and getting computers in this place of laundry is like wildabeests waiting around for the best small piles of hay in a zoo.. That’s probably not very action-packed though. Haha, who knows. That’s pretty much how I am when we’re not studying. Makin’ up stuff that makes people laugh. Though now my district-mates (I don’t think anyone really calls them that, it just sounded appropriate in those two seconds of typing) have no idea whether what stories I tell them are true or not. 🙂 haha

This week has been pretty interesting. There have been a few lows, but mostly ups. The lows were from me feeling a bit nervous about going to be in France and speaking the language to natives, but they were quickly extinguished because I know that it’s going to work out. I have heard that Switzerland is closed to non-natives, but my teacher (Sister Scott) tells us about how awesome the Swiss French accent is. It’s kinda exaggerated in how everything is said. I hope that it will open while we are there for the next year and a half-ish.

It’s so windy in this laundry place. It’s weird. Well, it’s because they have huge fans going so that it doesn’t get blazing hot, but it’s weird.

So, there are only 6 days left!!! It’s so, so crazy to think about! I feel like I have been here for my whole life, but, at the same time, it seems like it has gone by so fast. Also, I brought my camera this morning, but I couldn’t really find any pictures that would be good to upload or anything. I should start taking better pictures. So that you call can see the awesome people that I’m around all of the time. My district really is like a family, and It’s so fun to be around them all the time. We all keep saying how it’s going to be weird that we are going to be in different parts of France next week.. Next week.

Oh man! And last night, it was the best night ever. I am so ready to go and be with the people and lift their burdens (not that everyone will have huge burdens) and cry with them. I know the things that I’ve gone through in life (not that they’ve been super crazy; it’s more crazy than the people I’m around) were specifically so that I will be able to understand them. I am finally beginning to lose myself little by little, and it is really a great feeling. Every day, I am changed or some realization

I wish I had better words to say. I love this work! I feel that it is exactly what I’m supposed to be doing!

I probably won’t get another P-day until after next week. I think it will be the next Monday after next monday.

I love you all so much! And thank you for the packages and mail and love!

Sister Smith


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