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First Week!!! France

Hey! Everyone! I love you all!

This new keyboard stuff is hard to get used to a little bit with the w and a and m, but yeah! The city that I am in is Gex!! It is right by the border of Switzerland, and it is so very beautiful here! In fact, we have travelled to Suisse three times already for General Conference, which was so very wonderful. We live with the Palucchi family in their downstairs basement apartment (which is very nice!). Everyone in France has cats!!!! The amount they have seem to come in threes. The Palucchis have three fat cats. I told them about Fatty. 🙂 We live right under the Juras mountains, and when it is not foggy, can see the Alps from our house (but there have been many clouds since I have been here). One day. I think its awesome how I have always felt a pull towards here, and this is where I am!

The people are amazing here, and I love them so very much alreqdy! They are full of smiles and that wonderful French language which I love so much. Haha, so much love already. Oh! My companion is Sister Stanford from Canada (the fourth Canadian I have met without an accent). Also, we have a car. A little French-brand hatchback. Stick-shift. So I will be driving very soon, haha. I will take more pictures and attach them next week.

I have already felt that I am becoming an instrument in the Lords hands, which is seriously the most amazing feeling in the world. 🙂 I want to have that feeling more and more. You have to press shift for the periods here..

But yeah! I am not stressed, I am loving being here, and I know this is where I am supposed to be. Sister Stanford helps me so much, and we are both so obedient. We had a baptism on Saturday! Luna from Spain, who is so excited about the gospel and has so so many blessings coming for her. Très awesome.

There are 200 people in the ward, so I am working on learning all of their French, Italian, and Spanish names. There is so much diversity in this area. Many people from Africa too, which is awesome. There are so many Spanish speakers, so I am going to start learning Spanish a little too.

But yeah! This was short-ish, but my typing is so slow on this cool keyboard, haha. I have been blessed with so much love for the people. I hope I stay here forever!! 🙂

If you would like to write me a letter that will get here faster, here is my addresse:

18 Impasse des 4 Saisons

01170 Crozet



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