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Week Four!

Hey everyone!

This week went by so fast! It seemed like two days ago that I was here writing emails! So much is happening here, it’s so hard to know what I should tell you out of my week.

Well, Neil L. Anderson, of the Quorum of the 12 apostles, came to this mission in November and gave many many wonderful blessings, but one of them was that we will see more and more people coming to the church themselves. And, before I arrived here in Gex, Eric, who lives in the apartment complex beside the church, came to the church and wanted to learn more. And he is getting baptised this Sunday! He is such a sincere person, and his prayers are so humble. He’s from Camaroon, but has been living here in France for a couple of years. He’s awesome. You will see his pictures next week 🙂

On Friday, we were almost finished with visiting people, when I had the thought that we should go into this apartment complex before finishing (of course, it wasn’t me; it was the Spirit). But we went in, knocked on a door, and there was a woman there that Sister Stanford had met with a couple of weeks before I had come here. Janet is her name, and she’s from Ouganda/Kenya. And she told us to come in and gave us fruit juice (because that’s what Jesus would do, she said). And we started talking, and she told us her testimony of Christ.. It was the strongest testimony I have heard thus far.

Growing up in Ouganda, her father beat her and the rest of her family every day. Her mom ran away to Kenya, and soon, she did the same. But she couldn’t live with her mom because it was too expensive, so she lived with her cousin, who was a prostitute. And her cousin made her do the same thing so that they could pay the rent. But soon, she got pregnant, the man married her, then left her for another woman. She met another man who did the same thing, and she had no money to live and no job. So she went back with her sister, who told her to get out of her house. But her other sister went with her, and invited her to go to church there. And she scoffed and thought it was ridiculous. But finally she did. And she went and saw the little orphans there, praying. They had nothing, but they were praying to the Savior because he gave them everything. And it changed Janet’s life. She moved to France with another man she met and married, and gave her life to the things of the Savior.

Her life has been so hard, but her faith has kept her afloat from all of those things that could have brought her down. I feel like she, of all people, could have given up and been the most bitter and angry person ever. But there is something to say for those who have the power to overcome those hard trials. If you ever get the chance, listen to “Mountains to Climb,” by Henry B. Eyring. I could see how polished she has become through her trials.

Man, I wish that my words could capture how awesome that rendez-vous was. I felt so strongly that we were where we were supposed to be at the right time. We were there for her, which I told her. And yeah. It really was amazing. It’s a sweet thing to be able to feel the love that others have for Christ.

But yeah! I love you all! So much!


Sister Smith


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