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Hey everyone!

This week has been pretty crazy and busy (which is definitely a good thing!) I have started driving the car exclusively, and it surprises me how fun and easy it is to drive a stick-shift! 🙂 I’ve started working on down-shifting to save the brakes. And on Saturday and Sunday, I drove to Geneva and back! It’s only 25 minutes away, but city driving is definitely different than driving in the country roads here in Gex.
And Eric’s baptism was so beautiful yesterday! 🙂 I put the pictures up of him with Sister Stanford and Frère Sorrano and I, and the other one is him with his two Aunts from Camaron. 🙂

Oh! And the other picture is a field of Canola. It’s a big crop here, I’ve noticed, and, right now, there are just so many fields of this bright yellow, and it’s so pretty. 🙂

We also had exchanges this week with the Sisters of Chambèry, which is just south of here on the border of Italy a little bit. the alps there are really beautiful there, too. 🙂 So I went down to Chambèry and sister Stanford stayed here with the other sister of Chambèry. They do exchanges once a transfer. There was an elderly that we taught there, Mimi and Joel. they were so funny and cute. Mimi only has two teeth, but she has the most wonderful smile. 🙂 haha When I told them how much I loved the mountains there, Joel quickly took me and showed me the breathtaking view from their window. The whole experience was sweet. 🙂 (the picture of the house and the trees was in Chambèry)


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