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Week Somethin’!!!!


This will have to be short because we arrived here at the office sort of late (thanks to my driving from Geneva to Thoiry.. hehe) since I took a super long detour to get here.

I didn’t get transfered, but Sister Packard and I are both in our second transfer, so we’re both so very new. And I guess my newness of not remembering how to get to Thoiry was shown. haha 🙂 It’s all good though.

But I will tell you, the Lord definitely has so much trust in us newbies to have us be together among all of this wonderfulness of Gex. Oh! Also, we’re getting two others sisters to live with us in Gex too! So there will be two companionships in Gex! With one car! Haha, it will be great though. We definitely need two here.

Soeur Packard and I get along awesomely, and I’m so excited! And I’ve heard that Sister Warren (one of the sisters coming here) is really funny 🙂 So it’s going to be a really fun transfer!

I love all of you! Clint had a bike accident! Oh my goodness! We might get bikes here (in the far future). But I want them so we could pretend we’re in the Tour du France.

Okay! Next week I will say more! And send you pictures of the new sisters! Oh! and one of the members here let us try escargot and frog legs! I like the escargot better I think because it has more taste.


Sister Smith


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