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Hey you all (y’all)!

So it is already another week– well, I guess, since it’s Wednesday, it’s already halfway over. Monday was a day that we did not get to write emails because everything was closed. It was a holiday here in France. They call May the month of holidays because there are so many days in it that they don’t have to work. I feel like most of their months are like that though, haha.

This picture was of our Zone (the Lausanne Zone) from last transfer. I’m sorry I haven’t taken very many pictures yet with our new sisters. I’ll try to get one for you next week. There are only three Americans in that picture! Guess which ones they are! (No really, guess. I’ll give you the answers in a year and four months, haha) ๐Ÿ™‚

It turns out that two sets of sisters in this sector of Gex is a little more difficult than we thought it was going to be. We still haven’t got it completely worked out, but it will get there. Sister Warren and Sister Fortuna are the other two sisters. Fortuna means lucky in italian, but she is American.

But yeah! Now that Sister Packard and I are together, I have found that my comprehension and speaking of French has gone way up. It’s a little phenomenon of, when you are with someone who is basically fluent, you sort of hang on them subconsciously. But now that Sister Packard and I are together, we don’t really have that. My French is getting better and better by the day? ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m looking at a calendar, and, it turns out, tomorrow is the day of St. Didier for the Catholics. There is almost a Saint for every day!

Also, Monday, Sister Packard and I made Ratatouille. One of the members of the church in Chambery gave her a French cook book. It was super delicious!

Stress is a thing that has come more and more as this transfer has gone on, though. Three new missionaries in an area at once is not easy. It is going to be a transfer full of learning even more than it was last time.

Miracles follow work, and they are the plus belle things in the world. The sweetest of the sweet. Even when the days haven’t been sunny for a while. I love sharing love with those around me. We are teaching a woman name Paola from Columbia, and she has such hard things going on. I just want her to feel how much she’s worth. It’s amazing the types of bonds that we have made with the people around us. ๐Ÿ™‚ I share the same with you all! I miss you, and you mean so much to me. ๐Ÿ™‚

Sister Smith


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