New Places/New Faces

Hi everyone!

This week has been a crazy, yet great one so far! I was only in Gex for two transfers (12 weeks), and now I have been sent to Grenoble. They are two completely different environments in so many different ways, but I feel that there is some special work here to do. Also, you should look up as many pictures as you can about the place. The city is huge, but the mountains are huger.. bigger. I was definitely sad to leave Gex because the members and people there all felt like my family, but I am so excited to extend the love I have for others. Just when it seems like we can’t possibly grow how much love we are putting out, it explodes even more when you meet other people. (I hope that made sense)

So I originally came here to be companions with Sister Keating (from North Carolina! Yeah Southern power! haha), but after a series of events, we are now a “trio”, with Sister Young, who is from California. We’re a great team, and I am so excited for all of the amazing things that are going to happen in the next 6 weeks.

They’re actually both starting their second transfer, and I will be finishing their training, which is a big trust from Heavenly Father. It seems to me that he puts his trust in those who feel they are least capable. It’s baffles me how much trust he has in us. It’s going to be awesome. πŸ™‚ We have a lot of work to do here: building up the members, finding new people, talking to everyone. I am excited to work hard.

Last transfer was great because I learned more of my many weaknesses. This transfer will be great because I will turn those weaknesses into strengths.

Oh! And one day last week, I found this amazing scripture in the Bible. And, so far, we have shared it with so many people who have talked about so many things pertaining to it. It’s in Romans 5: 1-5. And it’s talking about afflictions, and how they lead to perseverance, and this perseverance leads to hope in Christ. It might be patience and tribulations in English, but I have been sharing it in French, so it might be a little different.

I love this scripture though, because it’s so true. When we realize that trials are there for us to grow, we develop patience, knowing that they will help us change to those wonderful people we need to be. And then, we realize this, and it gives us hope. Hope that Christ can help us become those awesome people.

I love all of you!! Thank you so much for your support! It means so much to me, and your examples give me strength.

Sister Smith

also, here is my new address, but I think it is only good for letters, not boxes (also, it may not be completely correct, maybe you can use those good google things and find it):

Les missionaires
Soeur Melissa Smith
12 MarΓ©chal Foch
Grenoble 38000

Week Onze (week 11)

Hey everyone!!

This week is coming up on the last week of this six-week transfer, so there might be a possibility that I will be moved from Gex to another city. Some of the people in the ward don’t want me to leave, so maybe that will make Heavenly Father let me stay here πŸ™‚ We will see. I love the people here and the area, but I will go where I am supposed to go.

It’s almost the time of vacances here in France, which is basically the two-month period here when everyone leaves and doesn’t have to work. It’s going to be interesting for when we try and go out and meet people because they might all be gone.

We’ve been talking to a lot more people this past week, and, because of that, we had plenty of miracles. The miracles that I have noticed the most are the ones where we just happen to be in the right place at the right time to meet someone special.

There is a Greek here that lives in Saint-Genis, and the other sisters met him about two weeks ago. We’ve been trying to meet him again (he works at Cern, the big company doing the scientific experiments with smashing electrons and recreating the “big bang”. There are actually so many people working there that live here because one of the points is only a few kilometres away), and I really hope we do, because Greeks are awesome, and maybe he might know Takis! Very small chance, but I’ve been seeing so many small chances come to pass. Those are the miracles.

Today for our P-day, we are going to play bocce ball with some regular-players up in Divonne-les-bains πŸ™‚ I’ll win just for you, Dad!

I love you!! So very much!!


Sister Smith

Act in all Diligence

Hello everyone!

I love you all! I don’t have very much time to write today, but this week was a pretty great week! The sun started coming out a little more, the cats have started being crazy, and the French people are getting really excited for the warmness to come.

They keep saying how this year has been the coldest year since the 80’s. I keep telling them it’s because we’re here πŸ™‚ haha. It’s neat, though.

This week, I’ve been studying diligence, because it is one of the Christ-like attributes that I am wanting to study and apply. It’s been a really great one, because I feel like once you apply it into your work and life, you are working hard. I feel like what I am saying might not make very much sense.

But I love it because Christ never stopped working. He was always serving others, and never stopped to take a rest. He was probably one of the people who “deserved” a little rest. And it really has insipired me to never stop.

Ah, there are so many people talking in this office right now. πŸ™‚ I love these people! Sage is not sange. Wise is not monkey. haha

I will send you all some great photoes next week! Photoes like potatoes!


Melissa (Sister Smees)

Firetruck parades and Dancing Dogs

Hello you all!

This week has definitely been crazy. We’ve been working on being obedient (is that how you spell that word.. My english is going, and it’s not just because I’m speaking French often), so that includes all of the rules for the car. The mileage that we are allowed each month is 1600km, which is great for one comanionship, but two.. πŸ™‚ The last month, we used 2300km. And so that means that 700 is subtracted from what we are allowed for this month. But it’s very fun. And funny all at the same time. We have done all of the math, and we are allowed 2km to drive per day. πŸ™‚ haha We’re trying our best. That means we’ll probably have ten thousand miracles!

So in an effort to be obediant, we have tried to use the bus system here in Gex, which is very hilarious because buses only come every two hours, and you have to drive the car anyway in order to get to the desired bus stop.

Wednesday morning was the funniest series of events thus far, I would say. We parked in a town called Echenevex and started walking to the bus stop. This very shaggy sheepdog came up and started walking with us. He was a pretty good missionary! He was walking up with me, and we were dancing and having a jolly old time together. We almost gave him a missionary tag, and we named him Wilson. He later got distracted by all of the youth of the horse stables, so he left us, but it was great while it lasted.

Then we walked to our bus stop, and we saw our bus come, and we waved at him, and he waved at us, and he passed us. πŸ™‚ It isn’t a functioning bus stop anymore. But! Our spirits weren’t crushed! So we walked back, got in our car, and started to leave Echenevex. As we were about to turn left at a stop sign, we heard all of these honks of cars and saw some very old firetrucks. We waited, and they kept coming. Eventually we turned, but then we ended up being in the middle of the little spontaneous parade, and they were all beeping around us, so we decided to join in an beep with them. It was quite a morning for us. And I found a boomerang! But then I lost it in about two seconds after finding it.

And today, we are going to ride the bus to Geneva, but we do not yet know how it will work, so pray for us/wish us luck/whatever you would like to do. πŸ™‚ It’s going to be great! It’s a great thing that we’re missionaries. We’ll be protected! President Roney says that they are looking into bikes for us! I hope! “On verra,” as they say in France. We will see!

Oh man! Such good news! Just now! We have another car that we will be able to drive for two weeks before they get rid of it. It was being used by a Senior couple here in the mission, but now they are gone, and the mission is getting rid of it soon. So that means we can make up the mileage for this month with the other car. Miracles do happen when we try our best to be obedient.

Okay, I hope you liked this little fun story from this week! I thought it might give you a little peek into things here more.

I love you all all of the time!

Soeur Smith