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Week Onze (week 11)

Hey everyone!!

This week is coming up on the last week of this six-week transfer, so there might be a possibility that I will be moved from Gex to another city. Some of the people in the ward don’t want me to leave, so maybe that will make Heavenly Father let me stay here 🙂 We will see. I love the people here and the area, but I will go where I am supposed to go.

It’s almost the time of vacances here in France, which is basically the two-month period here when everyone leaves and doesn’t have to work. It’s going to be interesting for when we try and go out and meet people because they might all be gone.

We’ve been talking to a lot more people this past week, and, because of that, we had plenty of miracles. The miracles that I have noticed the most are the ones where we just happen to be in the right place at the right time to meet someone special.

There is a Greek here that lives in Saint-Genis, and the other sisters met him about two weeks ago. We’ve been trying to meet him again (he works at Cern, the big company doing the scientific experiments with smashing electrons and recreating the “big bang”. There are actually so many people working there that live here because one of the points is only a few kilometres away), and I really hope we do, because Greeks are awesome, and maybe he might know Takis! Very small chance, but I’ve been seeing so many small chances come to pass. Those are the miracles.

Today for our P-day, we are going to play bocce ball with some regular-players up in Divonne-les-bains 🙂 I’ll win just for you, Dad!

I love you!! So very much!!


Sister Smith


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