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Fetes all of the time!

Hey everyone!

The title doesn’t really mean anything. Yesterday was France’s Independence day. Also, it’s the.. 5th day of Ramadaan, so people here sometimes are a little more cranky. This week was a little harder than the previous weeks have been, as well. But I still know and am thankful to be here. Because in amongst the people who really don’t like you, there are the people who are nice and you build up one another. It’s refreshing.

The Bishop here is amazing.(Well, all Bishops that I have seen are amazing). But he invited a friend (Fernando from Angola) to his house to eat and talk about the gospel. His spirit and love for the Savior is so inspiring. And he’s a convert, too! But it is so exciting to see him take to heart the things he learns and apply them. It was an honor teaching with him. And Fernando is wonderful, too! He has really lived his life being guided by the Lord. He just showed up to our church by himself about two weeks ago. There are so many miracles happening here in France!

I’m sorry this email is shorter than usual. I’ll write more next time. And I’ll really try to have some pictures too. We just aren’t supposed to look like tourists, but I will get some good ones. I promise!

Soeur Smith


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