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Here in France

My Family! Hello!

I had some great things to say this week, because I’ve been feeling like my emails haven’t been that great lately. But! We have been having wonderful miracles and trying to work our hardest despite the metaphorical heat of all of the hard things in life.

My companion is a great missionary. I love her. Things have been really hard for her lately, and I’ve been trying to help her the best I can. I don’t know very many things though, but I do know that Christ is always there. And I love how the scriptures really can let us feel of His love. I love them.

There aren’t as many cats here in Grenoble, but I saw one yesterday at a member’s house. 🙂 We need to instituate more cats here. Maybe bringing the gospel will make the cats come.

One of the miracles that we’ve had is Silvan. He is from the Democratic Rebublic of Congo. I met him two weeks ago, and he said he was really busy at the moment, but he gave me his number. Then we called him one time and tried to see him, but he told us to call him back. A couple of days later, he called us and asked if we had forgotten about him, so we made plans to see him the next day. It turns out that he had seen the church there in Congo but never thought it was for him. But he knew it was, so we’re going to meet with him again!

We meet a lot of people from Africa, and it’s awesome the amount of faith that they have and how close they are with the Savior. 🙂 I love it here!

I’m out of time, but I love you all. I consider all of you as my family 🙂 Because you’re all awesome! Have a wonderful week! Even if it’s really hot or really rainy!


Sister Smith


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