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Hot weeks in Grenoble

Hey you all!

I have so many things to show and tell! This past monday, we went to the Bastille. You can probably do some research on Wiki and find more than I can tell you, but the view and the experience was pretty fun. They have these ball cable cars that you can go up and down in, but we hiked up and rode them down.

The temperatures have been pretty high here, too. It was 40°c here one day, which is around 104. The way the mountains are situated here around the city makes the summers really hot and the winters really cold. And it’s been a “canicule” here too, which is when it’s hot both day and night. 🙂 It’s fun though! And it makes it even funnier that we don’t have air-conditioning. 🙂 I just think of Mawmaw (my great-grandmother) down in Georgia who never had air-conditioning and then it gives me strength. Or gives her strength. How strong! But I’m drinking a lot and putting on sunscreen, so I’m fine.

Our transfer calls are coming up this Friday, and I expect that I might be staying here, but you never know with President Roney. 🙂 It makes it quite an adventure! Oh and there is a picture of me with my companion! And the Elders in our district who are here in Grenoble and Valence.

I love you!
Sister Smith


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