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New Transfer!!

Another six weeks have gone by! I had no idea life could ever go by this quickly! It turns out that I’m staying here in Grenoble for another six weeks (which I knew would happen and which I am also happy about because I love it here). But I’m not with Sister Keating this transfer, sadly. We are receiving another équipe (I forgot the word for it in english…team?) of sisters here in Grenoble and another équipe of Elders! That makes eight missionaries in this one ward! It’s a little crazy, but exciting at the same time.

I haven’t gotten my new companion yet because, well, she hasn’t arrived here in France yet. Whenever an older missionary is with a brand-new missionary, they call it “training.” Just so they can show them around and help them get adjusted to the new culture and language and all of that (You might remember that Soeur Stanford was my trainer). So I will be training this transfer. It’s kind of crazy, actually. I feel like I’m still beggining to get a hold of things here, haha. 🙂 But it’s very humbling that the Lord feels like I’m ready. I’m not the only one though! There are many new missionaries here in the mission who are training new missionaries. It’s a pretty cool thing. I feel like newer missionaries sometimes are more open to trying new things to get different results. And it helps the two learn together how to do things.

It’s going to be so great though! I’m excited to show her all of the great things here in Grenoble and the great people and help her all that I can. 🙂 All we have to do is try our best and the Lord will make up for the rest.

I feel like sometimes it’s hard to really know if we’ve tried our best. I struggled with knowing that in high school with cross country and track and band, but I’ve begun to get a taste of it here. At the end of your day, when you have reflected of all that you have done, you get this good, bright feeling. That’s how I know if I’ve done my best. This mission is teaching me many things, and I feel like that is for sure one of them. With running and band I feel like I never gave it my complete all. I did decently well, but I think I could have pushed myself way more. With this mission, I am getting the chance to give it my all. To feel that good feeling every day. It’s a great feeling.

I feel like life becomes a lot more fulfilling when we put everything we can into what we do. Especially for others. I love people so much. It’s an honor to be here an become a part of their lives and love them. And I love all you guys, too! 🙂

I’ll talk to you more next week! And I’ll have the pictures of my new companion! I love you!

Soeur Smith


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