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Swans, old people and hugs

HEllo everyone!

It’s kind of a weird title, I know, but it has been a great week, and I find that titles don’t really mean anything anymore. Maybe I need to go back to high school English and learn how you’re supposed to title things. BUT yes! This week was a great one! I got my newly-sent-over collegue, Sister Robison! She is from Riverton, UT. I asked her if she knew the Ian’s, but she doesn’t (sad day). But she is pretty great and very diligent in trying to speak French as much as possible. IT’s pretty inspiring, to say the least. And she’s 19! Exciting! I feel like, pretty soon, there won’t be any 21-year-olds on missions.

For most of the week, we were in Lyon waiting to be joined with our new collegues, and so I ate at Macdo (McDonald’s) for the first time here. My goal was to go a whole 18 months without going, but 6 will do I guess. It was a week full of learning for us and for those who came, and it was a cool experience. And I am trying my best to help her with the language. I am by far not fluent, but I can help with pronunciation and vocabulary sometimes, so it all works out. I love being able to help people. It makes it so much easier to focus on others instead of myself. I like it. 🙂

But the reason for the title is that today we visited a Château here in France! It is called the Château de Vizille. It was actually really cool because it is where the French Revolution started! Yay for Revolutions! And it has been turned into a museum of art of the Revolution, and it was so breathtaking how vibrant the colors were and how large the paintings were. And there is a beautiful park around it. One of the members here actually took us to visit it because she wants the missionnaires to see the places here. And she called us princesses trying to find our castle, haha. And she brought us a wonderful picnic. The people here are so loving! I love them!

After we ate at the park, we were taking pictures, and there was this nice big swan who was standing behind us, so we went and took a picture with it. He bit me a couple of times, but it didn’t hurt.

We then returned back to Grenoble to do our cours… Groceries. And we met this woman in the grocery store, and she told us that she didn’t really want to believe in anything right now because her husband recently died. We told her we were here for her, and I asked if she wanted a hug (which is a weird thing to do here in France for French people). And she accepted it! 🙂 It was the best moment ever. Giving people hugs like that is such a beautiful feeling. It brings you closer together with those around you. But yeah, we told her that we were always here for her to listen when she needs it, and she said she would call us. 🙂 I think we made her day, and it is the best feeling ever. 🙂 We should hug strangers more often and empathize with them and carry each other’s burden.

Life is awesome. And I’m beginning to make a lot of friends with old people here in Grenoble because we see each other so often. This one woman, Arlene, is the nicest, most smiley person I’ve ever seen. I’ll get a picture with her before I leave.

I love you all! Go hug a stranger this week!

Sister Smith


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