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This week in Grenobe

Hey everyone!

I do not have very much time to write today, but this week was such an amazing week filled with so many miracles and so much love from those around us. These past couple of weeks have been hard to find people because of vacation here in France going from July to the beginning of September, but the Lord has blessed us with wonderful, faithful people.

My collègue, Soeur Robison, has so much love for this Church. It’s so amazing to see her testify of the things she loves so dearly. And her French is improving so much already! And I have been blessed so much, too, because I can speak so much more French than I ever thought was possible. You really learn so much more when you teach others.

I love Christ so much. I love being able to serve others and feel of His love while doing it. It makes me know that it’s true! I love being able to share this with so many people around me, and I really am the happiest when teaching others. But yeah, miracles still exist today, and it is amazing getting to be a part of them! We just need to only have faith!

I love you all so much!


Sister Smith


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