Tip Off The Old Hat!

Hey you all! Y’all!

The title seems like it is close to all of the great old sayings of America, but I forget them often,so I end up making some of my own. But yes! As the title implies, there were so many fun happenings this week!

Maybe I should start from Sunday and go backwards since it’s more fresh in my mind! Three of us eight missionaries here in Grenoble were asked to give talks in Sacrament meeting (our meeting where everyone is together and takes the bread and water to remember Christ). The members are often asked to give talks ranging from five to thirty minutes. I was asked to do one! Which is so exciting/nervous-making because it’s talking up in front of everyone. In French, too. It makes me wonder how I could have ever gotten nervous to speak to everyone in English. But! It went well people said. I was asked to talk about my conversion story and member missionary work (the Strange’s and the Kunzler’s!). And our friend, Armande came! She is still so filled with love, and I really feel like she is already a part of this church! My collegue, Soeur Robison, said that while I was bearing my testimony during my talk, Armande said “Me too. I know it’s true.” πŸ™‚ It made me want to cry! She is so amazing! We get to see her this week, and I am so excited for that!

Saturday, we went to eat lunch with a member here and her son. Her and I basically have the same story where we joined the church at 19 and went on a mission at 21. And she’s so beautiful! We tell her, and she always says, “Oh, I’m not beautiful; I’m old.”(Surprisingly, a lot of people say that here) I feel like beauty increases with age. So you women out there who think you’re not beautiful, you are. πŸ™‚ But anyways! Her son makes clothing (he’s 25), and he made Soeur Robison and me hats! Beautiful, white hats with red ribbons. We took pictures, too! So I’ll get them to you. We can’t wear them while talking to people, but they’ll be great for summer days in the 1800’s. (just disregard the desk in a jumble in the background. I do clean it daily; it just explodes spontaneously sometimes)

We got to see Serge again, too! I’ll try to get pictures with all of these wonderful people so you can get an idea in your head. I’ll never forget them. πŸ™‚ It was so great with him this week because he said, “I have something to ask you. Can you pray for me to get better so that I may come to church? I really want to.” And I was pretty touched by that. I cried a little. The joy that you feel with people is so immense sometimes.He told us what he had read in 1 Nephi 8 (about the tree of life) , and then proceeded to apply this one scripture into his life better than I had ever heard before.

Peut-Γͺtre je peux vous enseigner le franΓ§ais pour que je puisse communiquer avec les gens quand je rentrerai les Etats-Unis. Je vous aime tous! Passez une bonne semaine!

Avec l’amour,
Soeur Smith


Happy Fall!

Hey you all whom I love!

This week was kind of up and down: the beginning we were working hard and being more diligent, then the last half, I got a virus that made me have to sleep in bed basically all of Saturday.

But let’s go back to the beginning! The beginning was better. We visited some of the friends of the church that we have: Anderson, Serge, Jerome.

Anderson is from Africa and we’ve been meeting with him for a while. He has a very Evangelist way of looking at things, but his love for Christ is so great. And Soeur Robison and I love teaching him about Christ. Each time we go, he has snacks that he lays out for us. And he told us and the member that we were with that we were like his children. So sweet. πŸ™‚ He also told us a story of how Jesus came and visited him one time when he was in the shower, and it changed his life forever. You’d be surprised how many people have said that they’ve seen Jesus here. It’s not at all uncommon.

Serge! Serge is one of our favorites (if you can have a favorite friend). He is 73 years old who is blind in one eye and has some pretty bad back problems, but he already knows that this church is true! He tells all of the members that meet him that he is so thankful that he met us and that we came at a time that was needed just for him. πŸ™‚ We met him on the street a couple of months ago (back in July I think). And he has a Southern french accent, which was hard at first to get used to, but he is so awesome. Because of his back problems, he can’t wake up early in the morning or walk very far, but he finally made it to our church this past week. πŸ™‚ He was smiling so big. And he has the best punny personality. French puns are pretty difficult to comprehend sometimes, though. πŸ™‚

Jerome, I think I told you about him some weeks ago, but he really just loves how much the people are happy in this church and how many smiles he sees. And Soeur Robison and I can really tell how much this gospel will help him, and you can see a little light in his eyes each time we teach him. It’s so cool. πŸ™‚

The great thing that came out of the virus though, was that I got to see the amazing love of the members here! Gosh, it’s so great! Saturday morning, even though I was tired, I went running (because you’ve got to take advantage of all the times you can run during the week), but later that morning I was pretty fatigued. So I texted Soeur Baret (an amazing member from New Calidonia with the sweetness of.. a wonderful lady) if she knew a good doctor here and went to sleep. Then, she calls us and tells us that she is going to take us to the doctor. And then! I got a call from the Bishop asking what my symptoms were, and he drove down from his house 50 minutes away to give me lemons, honey, medicine, cookies, and various types of canned sardines. And later that night, Soeur Baret drops us off some homemade soup, cake, grapes, etc. This ward is so amazing. πŸ™‚ I want to be like these people someday!

I attempted to make them some snickerdoodle cookies in thankfulness of what they did, and I’ll work on makeing them some cards, too. πŸ™‚

But Sunday was the best! Our friend Armande came! She is so great, too! Her love is so radiating. You just can’t help but smile when you’re around her. She kept telling me how welcoming the people were in this ward and how she loved being here. πŸ™‚ And she wants to come back next Sunday because she felt so welcome here. My heart was swelling with joy by the end of the day.

Life is so great. It made me think that no matter where we are, we should always have a welcoming air, because it really edifies both of you when we are welcoming. πŸ™‚

This email seems pretty sufficient. General Conference is in two weeks everyone! Go on lds.org to watch it!! πŸ˜€

I love you all so much! So very much!

love truly,
Sister Smith!

Grenoble Forever!

Hello everyone!

Yes, just as the title implies, I’ll be staying in Grenoble for another six weeks! With the same collegue, too: Soeur Robison. Actually, it’s funny because, we have two sister equipes and two elder equipes here in Grenoble, and all of the sisters are staying the same (which has become a rarity, actually), and all of the elders except for one is changing to another city. I think the members in our ward were pretty excited to keep all of us. They’re such great members!

Soeur Robison and I did go to Monestier de Clermont this past week like we had planned. It’s a very tiny city about 35 kilometers from Grenoble. We talked to some Catholic Sisters who were taking care of a very old mansion-house. And we passed this alley with a really cool door, then we looked to our left, and there was this man sitting on the stairs writing something on a letter and smoking a cigarette. We talked to him for a really long time, and he was in Afghanistan for six months in the French army (the men here only have to be in the army for six months) and has gone through a lot. But we really felt like this gospel could help him, which we told him of course. I think we talked to him for 45 minutes or so, but he said he wasn’t ready for it right now. He said that he would keep our number on his refridgerator, and the moment he is ready, he will call us. It was pretty cool. As we were walking back from our train, we talked about how we both felt like he was the reason why we felt the need to go there.

But yeah! I’m excited to be here another transfer! I kind of felt like I was supposed to. I hope you all have a wonderful week! I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Sister Smith

Last week already!

My lovely family and friends!

This is already the last week of the transfer! This Friday, we will get our calls from the President to hear if we will move or stay and what companion we will be with. It is such an exciting day when transfer calls come because it’s better than a birthday! The possibilities are endless. So far, I’ve moved every two transfers, so I think that I might be moving from Grenoble. If I do, that will be exciting, but if I don’t, that will also be exciting too! There are a few people here who told us to contact them after a certain amount of time next transfer, so it will be great to see what comes of it. There are some missionaries who get pretty stressed and scared about it. πŸ™‚ Be looking forward to next week as much as I am!

This past week Soeur Robison and I went to Aix-en-Provence again, and we went a completely different way than last time. It was really the most beautiful ride through France I’ve ever seen. It was just an awesome reminder of the blessing that we have to be here in this part of the world! And I found the place where it is particularly amazing: Monestier de Clermont. And it’s in our sector boundaries! We have boundaries for our areas that we are allowed to go and proselyte.

The best thing that Soeur Robison and I have started to do this week is to say 5 things that we’re greatful for each day. And, man, it really makes a difference in our lives! Together, it makes our hearts swell with the love of life. Life is a great thing! πŸ™‚

Lately it seems that the theme of my studies and life have been focused on how Christ always invites. That is His way, and it really is such a loving way. We always have our choice whether to follow him or not. And we really are liberated and blessed when we follow Him! I’ve definitely seen a huge difference in my life by choosing to search for Him. The blessings are innumerable and so real.

But yeah, if I don’t write you at the normal time next week, don’t be worried. There is a man in our ward that looks like the old man from Up. πŸ™‚ Just without the glasses. Us Soeurs love him so much, haha. We’ll get a picture of him this week!

Have a wonderful time!!

Soeur Smith