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Last week already!

My lovely family and friends!

This is already the last week of the transfer! This Friday, we will get our calls from the President to hear if we will move or stay and what companion we will be with. It is such an exciting day when transfer calls come because it’s better than a birthday! The possibilities are endless. So far, I’ve moved every two transfers, so I think that I might be moving from Grenoble. If I do, that will be exciting, but if I don’t, that will also be exciting too! There are a few people here who told us to contact them after a certain amount of time next transfer, so it will be great to see what comes of it. There are some missionaries who get pretty stressed and scared about it. 🙂 Be looking forward to next week as much as I am!

This past week Soeur Robison and I went to Aix-en-Provence again, and we went a completely different way than last time. It was really the most beautiful ride through France I’ve ever seen. It was just an awesome reminder of the blessing that we have to be here in this part of the world! And I found the place where it is particularly amazing: Monestier de Clermont. And it’s in our sector boundaries! We have boundaries for our areas that we are allowed to go and proselyte.

The best thing that Soeur Robison and I have started to do this week is to say 5 things that we’re greatful for each day. And, man, it really makes a difference in our lives! Together, it makes our hearts swell with the love of life. Life is a great thing! 🙂

Lately it seems that the theme of my studies and life have been focused on how Christ always invites. That is His way, and it really is such a loving way. We always have our choice whether to follow him or not. And we really are liberated and blessed when we follow Him! I’ve definitely seen a huge difference in my life by choosing to search for Him. The blessings are innumerable and so real.

But yeah, if I don’t write you at the normal time next week, don’t be worried. There is a man in our ward that looks like the old man from Up. 🙂 Just without the glasses. Us Soeurs love him so much, haha. We’ll get a picture of him this week!

Have a wonderful time!!

Soeur Smith


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