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Grenoble Forever!

Hello everyone!

Yes, just as the title implies, I’ll be staying in Grenoble for another six weeks! With the same collegue, too: Soeur Robison. Actually, it’s funny because, we have two sister equipes and two elder equipes here in Grenoble, and all of the sisters are staying the same (which has become a rarity, actually), and all of the elders except for one is changing to another city. I think the members in our ward were pretty excited to keep all of us. They’re such great members!

Soeur Robison and I did go to Monestier de Clermont this past week like we had planned. It’s a very tiny city about 35 kilometers from Grenoble. We talked to some Catholic Sisters who were taking care of a very old mansion-house. And we passed this alley with a really cool door, then we looked to our left, and there was this man sitting on the stairs writing something on a letter and smoking a cigarette. We talked to him for a really long time, and he was in Afghanistan for six months in the French army (the men here only have to be in the army for six months) and has gone through a lot. But we really felt like this gospel could help him, which we told him of course. I think we talked to him for 45 minutes or so, but he said he wasn’t ready for it right now. He said that he would keep our number on his refridgerator, and the moment he is ready, he will call us. It was pretty cool. As we were walking back from our train, we talked about how we both felt like he was the reason why we felt the need to go there.

But yeah! I’m excited to be here another transfer! I kind of felt like I was supposed to. I hope you all have a wonderful week! I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Sister Smith


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