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Hey! We got transfer calls! I’m now in Bayonne, with Soeur Bailey from NM!

Also, it’s Daniel’s birthday on Wednesday! Happy Birthday, my beloved brother! You’re an adult!

I hope all of your weeks were so wonderful!

This past week in Grenoble, it seemed like the theme was gratitude. We taught it a lot, and we learned a lot as well. One of the things that I learned that I loved is this: when we are thankful, we humble ourselves and show Heavenly Father that we know it is really Him who is behind all of our success or anything we get. I feel like it makes us more joyous, too.

Christ taught us the importance of humility and gratitude: And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.

I know through difficulties it is hard, but let’s all change our perspective this week and go forward with an attitude of gratitude.

I love you!




One of the sweetest things I love about Christ is the compassion that he has for his people. When Mary comes to him, crying, saying that her brother Lazarus is dead, He weeps with her. When the people in the Book of Mormon wanted Him to stay longer with them, His bowels were filled with mercy, and He stayed just a little longer for them. His love is powerful and without-end.

When I begin to feel a little bit of that love and compassion, it touches my heart. It’s like my favorite hymn “Abide with me; tis eventide”

Yesterday, at church, Armande came up to the Bishop, and asked him who she pays tithing to. We haven’t even taught her about tithing. This little, simple act of humility touched Frere Simoes (the bishop), and he told Armande that he really felt the Lord’s love for her. There were many more things, but it was such a sweet moment that made us all cry. It was one of the best moments I’ve had. Just like those moments with Christ were.

This Friday, I will find out if I will leave or stay in Grenoble. I would love to stay a little longer. I feel like I still have work to do here. But I will be okay with whatever the Lord has for me. ๐Ÿ™‚ We will see.

I love you all so much. I think of each of you and hope that you are doing well.

Sister Smith


Hey everyone!

General Conference was so great! This week was so great, also! I don’t have very much time, so let me just tell you a little bit of the miracles.

Armande, from last week? We got to meet with her again this week! And it was the most loving, wonderful rendez-vous (meeting)! She asked us so many questions that were thought-provoking and beautiful. The thing that I loved that she said was that she felt like she wasn’t doing enough for Christ. She wants to serve more. She wasn’t content with going to her church once on sunday and coming back to normal life and living it. And you could just feel her sincere love for Christ in those words. And yeah. Soeur Robison and I came out of the rendez-vous feeling the best we’ve ever felt. ๐Ÿ™‚ Rejoicing, I guess you could say. I wanted to hug the world. But I refrained.

But yeah! She gave us both beautiful French scarves! I wanted to cry. Not because it was a material thing. Just the gesture was so sincere!

And the next day, during our morning prayer together, an old dream came to my head! Back in high school, I used to have very epic, meaningful dreams. I think I got this one after I received my mission call, though. I was in France, and had just gotten off some public transportation when I came in contact with this really nice lady. We walked together into this Catholic church and started talking about religious things. There was this beautiful stained glass window in it, and I remember remarking how it was broken. And then I started telling her about this church. The priest inside told us to leave, and she said we would talk about it later.

And, really, in that dream, it was Armande! It looked just like her. I remember waking up with the feeling that I would meet this person. But I had forgotten about it until just now.

I’m sorry if this email is a little confusing/ all over the place with my thoughts. What I got from it was that I’m supposed to be here, Armande is amazing and filled with charity, and there are miracles every day. And if she was the only reason I came here to France, I am okay with that. I love you all! In losing our lives, we will gain our lives.

Sister Smith