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One of the sweetest things I love about Christ is the compassion that he has for his people. When Mary comes to him, crying, saying that her brother Lazarus is dead, He weeps with her. When the people in the Book of Mormon wanted Him to stay longer with them, His bowels were filled with mercy, and He stayed just a little longer for them. His love is powerful and without-end.

When I begin to feel a little bit of that love and compassion, it touches my heart. It’s like my favorite hymn “Abide with me; tis eventide”

Yesterday, at church, Armande came up to the Bishop, and asked him who she pays tithing to. We haven’t even taught her about tithing. This little, simple act of humility touched Frere Simoes (the bishop), and he told Armande that he really felt the Lord’s love for her. There were many more things, but it was such a sweet moment that made us all cry. It was one of the best moments I’ve had. Just like those moments with Christ were.

This Friday, I will find out if I will leave or stay in Grenoble. I would love to stay a little longer. I feel like I still have work to do here. But I will be okay with whatever the Lord has for me. 🙂 We will see.

I love you all so much. I think of each of you and hope that you are doing well.

Sister Smith


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