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Rainy Days are the Best Days

It has rained a lot here in Bayonne, but it really has been a great week. It’s been a week of many trials, but also many rewards.

Sometimes the most important things always have the most opposition. We had a really great experience this past Monday that shows that, actually!

We were in the middle of talking to this couple one night outside. They had this beautiful german shephard that they were training. It had been raining for a while, but, as soon as we started talking to them, this huge gust of wind came. And it didn’t stop! It felt like we were in the middle of a tempest, haha! Soeur Bailey, being from New Mexico, got pretty scared because of the winds and heavy rain, but I was laughing at the situation. It reminded me a lot of South Carolina, though, so it was fun. The couple went and hid behind a tree, so we did the same for a second.

As soon as the winds had died down, we got out from behind the tree, and the couple had left. But we kept walking for a while, and we met this other Portuguese couple that we had met a week before. They had said they were interested, but they didn’t have their number at the time. That night, however, they had their phone! So we got their number, and they said we could call them later. 🙂

If we just stick to our task, no matter what the trial or the opposition, there will always be a blessing that comes from it. 🙂 It could be literal storms or figurative storms, but there is always a clear blessing afterwards. And then, we become more thankful for those storms.

We told that story to the little children in Primary, and they were listening so intently. 🙂 It was cute!

I love you all!

Sister Smith


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