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Week of Trust

Hey everyone!

Just like I said last week, I studied what it means to have trust in the Lord and be trusted of the Lord. As a result, I feel that it was one of the most successful and miraculous weeks ever, since I’ve been here in France. And I think the member’s here felt it, too.

I studied it by studying stories in the Bible and the Book of Mormon about Christ and the other prophets that are in them. One of the things I remarked the most was, that, to be trusted by the Lord, you try and align your will with His through prayer. So it requires that we be humble, firstly. There are many things He asks of us through commandments, and it is up to us to go and do them.

So Soeur Bailey and I made so many goals this week to become better in this way. She is really amazing, because she loves making goals. We’ve had such a great transfer filled with goals, and I think we have changed the most because of them. And we’ve had so many miracles.

I think I say miracles a lot. A miracle is anything out of the ordinary that seems like it just comes out of nowhere or at the times when we are least expecting it. But there are no “out of nowhere” things that happen when you’re doing such a work as this. It’s us humbling ourselves enough to go and try to follow the Spirit so that we are finding the people that the Lord is really preparing.

Have miracles ceased? No, they haven’t. And we have had so many encounters with so many people this week that I can tell you that miracles are real and that God occupies himself of us. Dieu s’occupe de nous. I can’t think of another way to say it. He puts Himself in each of our lives to let us know that He is there and that He cares.

Saturday, we were going and passing some of our friends that were interested in learning more, but they all were busy/ weren’t actually interested at the moment. So my collegue and I went to this building, where we really had felt pulled towards for these past few weeks. Every time we passed it, we thought, “There is someone there who needs us.”

So we finally went to it, rang the doorbell, and the first family that answered was this Portuguese family (who speaks wonderful French) who just moved here in August. They are really having a tough time: their son got kicked out of school because he stopped going. He was in with the wrong group of friends. And the mother told us that he would be interested in our message, too, so she invited him in. And she poured out her heart to us. She cares so much for her family, and she feels like it’s falling apart. A mother’s plea can be so powerful. She felt like there was no hope.

But the great thing was that, we told them about the Book of Mormon, and our church, and we told them about praying as a family. It really brings families together. And the son had said how he felt like they should, too! We left feeling like we had really helped them. And it is so satisfying to help people.

Christ really just went about doing good and visiting the people. He went and blessed them. He went and loved them.

Soeur Bailey and I are doing a “25-days of Christ”, where we are going to create a little calendar like we all did growing up. You know, where you’d open the door and there would be chocolate. But, instead of chocolate, we’re going to do a scripture that brings us closer to Him.

Merry Christmas in 23 days!

Sister Smith