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And a Bonne Annee

My family! (All of you are) I love you so much! My heart is bursting with joy and love!

It’s one of the greatest feelings in the world. I learned so so many things this past week; I wish I could recount all of them to you, but I think it might be overwhelming. 🙂 So I will just share with you one or two of the things that I have learned that have changed me.

I finished the Book of Mormon on Christmas day for the 3rd time in my life. And, now, there is really this tangible feeling that has been added to my heart. It’s a mix of love and joy and peace.. And it’s constantly there. It’s something that I have never before experienced in my life, and it brought me such happiness.. The scriptures (the Bible and the Book of Mormon) have changed my life forever.

And I was talking to a missionary this past week, and we were talking about what we have learned from President Blake Roney. He has such a light about him and radiates the love of Christ, and he has been successful in life in so many ways. And he told her that the reason why is because he prays before every person he talks to. It inspired me when she told me that. It takes a grand humility and love and diligence to remember to pray so often, but you can visibly see the difference that it makes in the light and love of Christ you show to others. I’m going to apply it in my life.

Also, yesterday, the ward pianist wasn’t here (it was prevued to happen like that), and she had asked me to play piano. I told her I would be able to play the first line of the cantiques, but I wanted to help, so I said yes. It is very hard to play when people sing and someone is directing the music while you are playing. I made a ton of mistakes, and was a little stressed, but I was happy I could help.

Afterwards, one of the ward members came up and talked to me, and I apologized for how bad it was. And he said it was better than the others could do, and thanked me for my efforts. Then he said something really sweet. He said “You have a beautiful soul.” It touched me. And I kind of teared up a bit. It was another good Sunday. Sundays are my favorite days.

I love you all!


Sister Smith

Here is a picture of our Christmas Eve!


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