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Good Times Christmas

Hello my family and friends!

There are only two days until Christmas! Has it been a good one? One of the best ones? I feel like, every year, we should strive to make it the best one, no? Even though I’m not there with you physically, I’m sure it’s been one of the best. It’s been that way for me, I feel. That’s why I’ll give you some pictures to make you laugh. 🙂

This past week, Soeur Rose and I were sick, BUT we’re okay now. AND yesterday was the best Sunday that we have had! We always get to church about forty-five minutes before everyone else does so that we can welcome everyone, and the second person who came was someone we had never met before.

Her name is Marie, and, it turns out, she joined the church twenty years ago in a small branch in Spain (which now doesn’t exist). Churches that have not very many people are called branches instead of wards. So she has been without the church for a long time, and she is thinking about moving here to France with her son. So we sat with her throughout all three hours of church and got to know her a little bit.

A little before church, we were talking to the Miller family (one of the nicest families on the earth) about Christmas Eve, because we’re going to their house to celebrate with them. While we were confirming it, I felt a strong feeling like I should ask Brother Miller if Maria could come, too. So we asked Brother Miller if we could invite Maria because her son is still in Spain and she would be alone on Christmas. They said yes! And afterwards, I felt such a warm feeling in my heart! It made me smile.

After church, we stayed there because we were teaching one of our members how to make Taylor Chelak’s famous sugar cookies, and we invited Maria to stay for that, too. So we all ate lunch together, made cookies, and had a wonderful time.

Later, many ward members came back because we were all going together to sing carols at people’s houses, and Maria came with us for that as well. It was so great getting to sing for people and seeing the light come into their eyes afterwards.

At the end of the day, I was pondering on all that happened, and I realized that I want every Christmas to be like this, actually. It’s a time to help others be happy and invite them to feel the love of those around them. Even if we don’t know them well and even if they’re not family, the love is still there. I would say that it’s even stronger because you’re serving them.

There are so many people on this earth– so many around us even– who need help and love. Of course they won’t say it or ask, but we can open our hearts enough to feel it, and act on that feeling.

I love you all. I look forward to hearing about how wonderful your Christmas’ were. If it doesn’t seem to look good, change it. Make it the best you’ve ever had. Read about the Savior. Smile. Laugh.

Joyeux Noel!

Soeur Smith