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Floods of Spirituality

Hello! Well, there have been many floods this week in the South-western France, which includes Bayonne. The French people love it and don’t like it at the same time, I think. They all just stare at the rivers overflowing the banks, but then it makes it so trains, buses, and car transportation are difficult to use. I think it has rained every day for the past two weeks, but I can’t remember. It’s great though! There is a reason why France is so green. 🙂 

This week was a great week with Sister Hall. We shared a lot of fun stories with people in the Bible and the Book of Mormon as we talked about faith, love, and forgiveness. 
One of the things that I love is the story of Peter and Christ when he walks on the water in Matthew 14. I like it because it shows us that faith is taking courage in illogical things. Somebody walking on water is the most illogical thing that anyone has ever heard. Ducks can walk on water,and even lizards if they run really fast, but humans can’t. Except one: Christ. 
The night that he came to the apostles on the boat, they were scared. But Christ assured them everything was okay. And Peter (who I sometimes find is a little extreme in his decisions, but yet so sincere) wanted to try and see if he had the faith sufficient enough to walk to Jesus on the Water. He had the faith to take the step.
But, “When he saw the wind boisterous, he was afraid,” and he began to sink. There is always opposition in taking steps of faith, but, when we ask for help, Christ is immediately there to help us overcome the wind and the doubt and the fear.  
We take many steps in our life. Many times we don’t know the outcomes. Sometimes the steps seem illogical. But He’s always there, and he will always help us through our trials if we have the humility and ask in sincere prayer for His help. 
And if we push through the trial, the blessing and the love will be in so much more abundance. 
To some it may seem illogical that we walk through the pouring rain inviting people to come unto Christ, but He did. He went among the people of Jerusalem, inviting them to believe in His Father and believe in Him. He blessed people that had been sick all of their lives to be completely healed. He is real, and He lives. And I know that this is His work. I have been blessed beyond anything I could ever imagine. And the blessings just keep coming.  
“My meat is to do the will of him that sent me, and to finish his work.” -John 34:4
Sister Smith

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