Faith is power

What a week! It was seriously a great one. For a while there, it seems like we were sort of on a plateau, but it seems like things are increasing very quickly.

I want to tell you about Sunday. Or, it starts Saturday night: Eva called us and told us that she wasn’t going to be able to come to church the next day because the family that comes and gets her was having car problems. We were sad, and we could tell that she was sad, but we went to bed and waited until morning.

And a little before church started, one of the members (who was in the picture that I sent last week. He was the one playing the violin: Frere Sorhaiẗz), called us and told us that he was going to get Eva because this other family couldn’t. Now Cauneille is about an hour away, but he drove all the way there and back to get her! It was something that I learned from a lot, actually.

The biggest thing that I learned from it is that Heavenly Father cares for Eva. But not just her– everyone. He cares for us. And, if we are faithful, we prosper.

That’s actually something that I learned yesterday and today. We had a meeting with our President of the mission yesterday (that’s why I’m emailing today), and today, I read in Helaman 12, which is in the Book of Mormon. It really is another testimony of Jesus Christ. I feel it with all of my heart, and I have grown so much from reading it.

But the verse in Helaman 12 that I really love is the end of verse 1: “..yea, we can see that the Lord in his great infinite goodness doth bless and aprosper those who put their btrust in him.”

I can see the difference in my life living with trust in the Lord. I can see the difference in those who have had it for years. And that word– prosper— is something I know to be true. A prosperous life is one with the Lord. It can’t be seen in one hour, one day, or one year, but it is true. Joseph in Egypt went for years without seeing the fruits of his faith. He was sold into slavery, put in a jail cell for something he didn’t do, but he later saw the blessings of his perseverance.

And I am so happy serving this mission! I’ve learned and had such special experiences that I will never forget. I can really feel the power that faith is. It’s amazing. 🙂 And it’s all possible thanks to the Savior. And my love for Him is one that it so difficult to express with words. But it brings a smile to my face and a joy to my heart.

And I love all of you guys with such a pure, real love. I hope you know it.


Sister Smith


Lessons Learned

Hey! In one word, I would name this week: change. I feel like I was humbled in so many different ways and have begun to really strive for change, that it just brought so many results. But there are two/three really great, funny things that my collegue and I came into contact with:

1. We were walking across the road in the way to the church on Friday, when I started talking to this man. (The weather was so warm and sunny and beautiful that it just brings out the happiest in literally everyone around you) I asked him something weird like, “What are you doing right now, My good man?” And he smiled, looked at me, and said with a not-French accent,” I’m going to steal something.” And I was so surprised, but I waited for a second. The word “to steal” in French is “voler”, which is also “to fly.” So I thought that he was either crazy or a theif. But I laughed and then proceeded to try and give him other options for like five minutes (for instance Jesus, our members could give him something, etc). Then, finally, before he crossed the road again, he said, “I’m just kidding. My car is parked over here, and I’ve just finished work.” So we all laughed at that for a good second, and then he said he’d be interested to learn more. 🙂
2. We visited our friend Eva who was just baptised three weeks ago. She lives in a city far away named Cauneille (pronounced “Konayee” kind of), and we got four members to come with us. She wants us to teach her family (she’s an amazing person), and she lives there with around 15 other Latvians. They all work on a kiwi plantation here. And it’s really in the country, their house, so when we go there, we’re just changed for the better. Their house has enough love and welcome and brightness to change any troubled heart– hard to believe, but it’s amazing the effect it has. One of the members played his violin because the time before, Eva’s friend Andris played the piano and we sang about 20 hymns together. It’s just a special time there in Cauneille. I love their family so much. And their love for Christ is so surprising and strong. It makes me want to go to Latvia and see if everyone is like that. I’ll send a separate email with videos of cute Latvian kids and some other pictures
Another incident that was interesting was at a bus stop. I saw this lady with some really stylish glasses, and I started talking to here a little bit. Then, looking at an apartment complex across the road, I saw a cat which looked like it was going to fall out of a window. And I said to the woman, “Look there is a cat which is going to fall out of a window! You see?” And she said, “No” quite abruptly, so I kind of ended the conversation there. Later, as she was getting off the bus, I saw that she had a cane. Then, I realized that she was blind. But I felt really bad, repented, and, now, I know what a blind cane looks like. 🙂 
I love you all! Tons! All of the time and without condition!
Sister Smith