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Great Days

Hello everyone! 

What happened in this week? It seemed to go by really fast, actually, and everything blurs together. 
We went to Espelette again, and we bought some of the best cheese in the world: brebis cheese (sheep), and brebis cheese with espelette pepper (similar to cheddar jack, but way better). 
And we just really focused on loving people and helping those around us, and it really paid off. There are a lot of people going through a hard time though, that’s for sure. We all have trials, but it’s how we respond to those trials that shows who we are. 
This past weekend was general conference, where the prophet and apostles and other men and women who have higher callings give talks that they have prayed a lot about, and we listen and try to apply the principles. But yeah, General Conference was really so amazing. Every question that I had about how I could change or what I need to do was answered. It touched me a lot. 🙂 I wish I could talk about it more, but I’m almost out of time!
this week, there could be a possibility of me moving. It’s the end of the transfer (six weeks)! and I’lve been here for six months, so I feel like it will be me who goes. But I have put my heart into this place, and I know it will be sad to leave. But it will also be exciting. so we’ll see. 
Here are some pictures! The cat is in Espelette, and the others are from Bidart.
I love you!! And this place!! and These people!
Sister Smith

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