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We had really a wonderful week last week! We had tons of new friends and old friends that came back and all sorts of things learned. 

There are so many interesting people here that I love so much. We’ve been teaching a lot of lessons outside in the park here, and we’ve made friends with this lady named Simonne. She has 98 years (her Birthday was saturday), and she just walks around in the park making friends with people and making them laugh. It’s kind of like what we do.. I love her a lot, haha. 🙂 She’s kind of like our guardian angel. Each time she comes around right at the right moment during our lessons. She’s an inspired lady. 
One thing I am learning and coming to realize is how imortant it is to base our life off of the Christ. To center everything on him. If he is the thing upon which we build, we’ll never be let down, never go wrong, and never lose. I’ve learned the principle during this mission; I’ve seen so many good examples. Living the gospel of Jesus Christ has tangible results. You see and you feel the difference that there is in the persons that live it. And I love it. 
That’s all for this week. I send you my love and hugs!
Sister Smith

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