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Transfer in Chambery

Hello everyone! 

So, I’m staying in Chambéry for my last six weeks. And I have a new companion! Her name is sister Nuuntinen! She is a really great missionary and person, and she is from Finland. Like almost all the people from the Scandonavian countries, she has perfect English. It’s really cool. I feel like it’s a blessing to have been with so many people from different cultures. I’ve learned so much from each one of my sisters.
I want to share with you a very special miracle that happened last week. We’ve been teaching a man named Manual for the past week. When we met him, he told us that he has been here in Chambery for the past two months and he hadn’t been able to find a job. He said he hadn’t lost hope, but we could tell he was pretty discouraged. 
When we met with him again, we told him that we knew he would get a job. We told him to have trust in the Lord, to start reading in the Book of Mormon, and, surtout, not to lose hope. And we had trust in the promise that we felt to communicate to him. 
The week after that, we were walking home, and we ran into him. He seemed a little less discouraged, and he told us that he had just left his resume with a restaurant not too far away. And, the next day, he called us and told us he got the job! Sister Obel and I were so so happy, and we knew it was really because of the Lord! 🙂 It was super great! 
I know that the Lord loves us (as a people) and wants to see us happy. And I know that Sister Obel and I were put in the path of Manuel to give him more hope and light.
This message is one of hope. I know it. We can have hope through Christ. 
I love you all!
sister Smith

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