The Canicule

Hi everyone!!

The title means that it has been very hot here in Chambery the last couple of days. But, seriously, this week was an amazing week. 
Soeur Nuutinen and I have been planning for miracles each day, and we have been having them! It’s amazing! Even the smallest things we have seen as miracles. The Lord has been blessing us so much. 
The greatest miracle was last night, actually. We went over to our friend Odile’s friends’ house, and we met her friend, who is visiting her from Florida!! Florida!! (She is French, but she has been living in the US for 20-something years) I get really excited when I can talk to anyone from America. I love the French people a lot, too. But there is something special about people who know your home country and all the little great details of it. 
So, her friend has an LDS friend in Florida! And she has visited the newly- constructed temple there in Florida and loves it. She told us that she loves going to her friend’s house there when she has problems because she really feels peace there. I can testify of the peace that is in an LDS family’s home. It’s tangible. Not that other homes are bad. I love everyone’s home. But there is really a difference. That is the Spirit. 
But yes, we read in 1 Nephi 8 (Lehi’s dream) with her and Odile, and we explained the symbolism behind everything. 
It was such a wonderful night with the two of them. The Spirit was there so strongly. 
And, at the end, before leaving, we asked her if she wanted to keep the Book of Mormon, and she accepted it with pleasure. 🙂 So we wrote a little note in the front and gave it to her. 
That Book has changed my life. And I know it will change hers. 
I love the Christ! 🙂 He’s the best example for us.
Sister Smith

A Week of Miracles

The conference that we were able to attend to last week in Nice was one of the most spiritual experiences of my life. Something deep within me changed after that conference. As soon as he walked in the room, I knew that he was an apostle of the Lord. There is a strong spiritual feeling about him. More than any other person I’ve met thus far. 

He talked to us about faith and miracles. We need to have more faith. And miracles are so very possible. We need to pray for them, to search for them, and to plan for them. The best quote that I heard from him was this:
Don’t live your life without miracles.
If we don’t have miracles, it’s because we’re not exercising enough faith. God is a god of miracles, and it is through our faith that He manifests them. 
Life is about seeing the unseen.
I love you all! Happy Father’s Day to all of the fathers!
Sister Smith

Les jours du soleil‏

Hello all of you wonderful people!

I am seriously so happy to be speaking to you! We’re writing on Saturday because monday we’ll be on a bus for 8 hours going to Nice. The nice ol’ Nice. How nice! Like I said last time, we’ll be going to a conference with all the missionaries from our mission (imagine the missionaries in Bayonne taking that bus.. That would take forever, haha!) and Neil L Andersen of the twelve apostles will be there to talk to us. 
It is going to be something that is going to change our lives. I know it; I feel it. I have felt a really special Spirit in preparing for this conference. I know that this man is called from the Lord. And I know that what he is going to say to us is going to be inspired from the Lord.:) 
With that said, I feel such a joy in my heart. I want to tell you that changing and helping others change and teach them about Christ is one of the most amazing feelings that we can ever feel. I don’t know how much I have changed; but I know that I have an infinite love for the Savior that I didn’t have as strongly before. And that really, sincerely leaves a feeling like none other in my heart. 
But yes, I love being on a mission. And, as it comes to a close, I know that I will be sad to leave. However the joy that I and others have changed will be so much stronger. 
I love you all so so much. Really. 
Soeur Smith

Short week


I wanted to tell you all that I love you! This week I have run out of time, and I’m not sure if I will have time next week either, but yes. 
Next Tuesday, an apostle of the Lord is coming to visit us in France! In Nice! And our whole mission (all 275 missionaries in the south of France) is going down to meet him and listen to his words for this special occasion.
His name is Neil L; Andersen, and he is a wonderful man and disciple of Christ!
 I love you all!
Sister Smith