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Les jours du soleil‏

Hello all of you wonderful people!

I am seriously so happy to be speaking to you! We’re writing on Saturday because monday we’ll be on a bus for 8 hours going to Nice. The nice ol’ Nice. How nice! Like I said last time, we’ll be going to a conference with all the missionaries from our mission (imagine the missionaries in Bayonne taking that bus.. That would take forever, haha!) and Neil L Andersen of the twelve apostles will be there to talk to us. 
It is going to be something that is going to change our lives. I know it; I feel it. I have felt a really special Spirit in preparing for this conference. I know that this man is called from the Lord. And I know that what he is going to say to us is going to be inspired from the Lord.:) 
With that said, I feel such a joy in my heart. I want to tell you that changing and helping others change and teach them about Christ is one of the most amazing feelings that we can ever feel. I don’t know how much I have changed; but I know that I have an infinite love for the Savior that I didn’t have as strongly before. And that really, sincerely leaves a feeling like none other in my heart. 
But yes, I love being on a mission. And, as it comes to a close, I know that I will be sad to leave. However the joy that I and others have changed will be so much stronger. 
I love you all so so much. Really. 
Soeur Smith

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